TLA 2009 – Several Good Sessions

The Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference held in Houston, March 31-April 3 was another success.

In addition to some good hall networking, I was able to learn from these sessions:


  1. The Google-ization of the Universe – there was some information about how Google and the State databases work together.
  2. Gaming for Instruction – a good presentation by Chris Harris (digitalreshift) and Jenny Levine (The Shifted Librarian). Jenny also has a wiki that contains presentations she has made at other places about gaming. One point made was that gaming can start with modern board games and that games definitely support learning and learning state standardized objectives. Board games are easier for teachers and administrator to accept.
  3. Michael Stephens Talks Hyperlinked Libraries – I actually did not see this session but this link contains 335 slides from one of the most prolific Librarian blogs around and I wished I had seen it.
  4. Top 10 Technologies and Ideas to Improve Library Productivity – Another session by Michael Stephens (Tame the Web). As always Michael gave more than asked. He covered 11 things time 2.
  5. Tagging Your World with Jenny LevineJenny (The Shifted Librarian) explained tagging history, advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Digital Storytelling (pdf1, pdf2)– was a presentation by 2 friends. The theme was about using digital tools (Photo Story) to convey the same things good story telling does. The storyteller was Kimberly Morris. And the digital master was Bernard Robin.
  7. Getting to Yes: Finding Web 2.0 in a Filtered World – Chris Harris (digitalreshift) gave another great presentation, this time about how to change the filtering culture in your institution. He had 4 great steps to take.
  8. The Librarian in Black’s Strategies for Staying on Top of the Library World – by Sarah Houghton-Jan, digital futures manager, San Jose Public Library. This was another one I did not get to see but wanted to. I heard she was very good as always.

There were many other excellent programs and many authors. The presentation web site for other sessions is here. And I always get a lot out of the huge Exhibits Hall.


Next year another wonderful conference will occur in San Antonio, Texas, April 14-17, 2010.

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  1. Pushing It said:
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    Thank you for posting hyperlinks from the different sessions. It was very helpful. The digital storytelling seems like a very interesting session.

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