TASLA09 Summary

The Texas Association of School Library Administrators (TASLA) had there annual June meeting with great success. Mary Woodard from Mesquite ISD (of Top Shelf fame) planned the program. Mary Christmas from Corpus Christi ISD chaired the event. As always, this event is more than worth the time. Below are the blog postings from many attendees:


Using TLA Stats and Docs to Share Success by Mary Woodard

Legislative Update by Mary Woodard

Training for New Librarians by Mary Woodard

National Board Certification for Librarians by Mary Woodard

Alternative certification for school librarians by Mary Woodard

State book awards by Mary Woodard

Promoting the State Databases by Mary Woodard

Second Life by Mary Woodard

TASLA 2009 begins this week by Mary Woodard


TASLA 3rd Morning Session Google Docs, legislative Updateby Vaughn Branom

TASLA 2nd Afternoon Session Training Librariansby Vaughn Branom

TASLA 2nd Morning Session Part 2 Book Awardsby Vaughn Branom

TASLA 2nd Morning Sessionby Vaughn Branom

TASLA Session #3 biblios and Speedgeeking by Vaughn Branom

TASLA Speedgeeking by Vaughn Branom

TASLA Session #2 Peggy Rudd TSLAC / Second Lifeby Vaughn Branom

TASLA Session #1 21st Century Educatorby Vaughn Branom

Back Channeling at TASLAby Vaughn Branom


Session #2 Second Lifeby David Schuster

First Session at TASLAby David Schuster


Denton Library Services: Stretching your mind by Patty Windsor


TASLA09 Skype presentation by Barry Bishop


Of the 120 attendees, about 40% had laptops out during the sessions. So, I suspect there were many more bloggers than those I have listed. If anyone wants to share their blog postings in the comments, I will edit this posting by adding the links.





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